CT Compact Technologies Ottoman, Seat, Foldable Mattress

  • $399.00

Happy customers say they’re obsessed with how this fold up bed gives a high-end sleeping experience whether on the floor, in a tent, or even in vans and RVs.


This 6-inch thick, Twin XL Foam Mattress uses multi-density foam with a 4-inch firm base, plus 2-inches of Soft Air Memory Foam on top (50% more than competitors). This gives you a mattress that supports your body without bottoming out (even when side sleeping), while naturally contouring to your body for comfort.


In fact, customers who suffer from knee and hip pain say their "quality of sleep has drastically increased,” and that they’re sleeping all the way through the night - pain-free. 


When not in use, your portable mattress folds down into a cube (approximately 2x2x3 foot), and slips easily into the rugged Travel Case.


Your Travel Case is made of rugged 600D Oxford fabric that stands up to daily use, and…


The Case ships as a Free Bonus! 


Instead of charging you extra to keep your mattress safe and protected (like others do), Compact Technologies gives you the Travel Case at no extra cost.


Customers who live in compact urban apartments use the folded mattress and case as ottoman-style seating.


Some are even tossing their clunky futons and saving space by folding this like a futon couch.


This setup gives extra seating for your family and friends on movie night, or as a guest mattress for sleepovers.


And the travel-ready design makes this a great camp mattress. The 6-Inch foam mattress smoothes out bumpy ground, and keeps your body warm on tent and RV floors.


In fact, campers say this mat feels like stealing a luxury bed and bringing it into the wild.

But don't take our word for it...


Unfold your own Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress and enjoy instant bedding and seating for your guests, or a packable and travel-ready bed for your own adventures.