Compact Technologies Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

  • $10.99

"This little travel neck pillow is great"

  • HIGH QUALITY: Inflatable PVC base is covered with an internal cover and they are placed in a luxury removable machine with washable plush velour cover.
  • FASTEST SPEED: It only cost 5 seconds maximum for you to blow up the pillow with a unique inflation valve. Rather it only needs 3 seconds to blow off. That would be most comfortable when it is blown up to three-quarters of its capacity.
  • VERSATILE: Excellent for sleeping on airplane, car, bus and train etc., Built-in pocket is perfet for storing eye mask, mp# player or ipod (not included)
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED TRAVEL PILLOW: It can prevents side-to-side swaying, supports your head in a more vertical position, extra cushioning on the sides to help you nod off without straining your neck, even if you're flying economy. Adjustable closure fits most necks
  • The perfect gift for your loved ones. Surprise travel enthusiasts close to you with this awesome travel pillow. Let them take vacations with more comfort and fun.