CT Compact Technologies Travel Pillow Made with Shredded Memory Foam and Super Soft Fleece Fabric for Ultimate Comfort in Travel. Patented Design Rolls and Compacts Small for Travel. SKU 4X-FX7S-R08M

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1. Pillow measures 17" x 10.5" x 5" and compacts down small. 2. Pillow has shredded memory foam that is ultra soft and provides solid support. Works as a pillow and lumbar pillow. "This Pillow is the softest thing in the world and it's not so fluffy so it gives you good support" 3. Patented design allows you to easily roll up pillow and secure under flap and pull draw string tight to make small for travel. 4. Includes carabiner to attached to bag etc. when traveling. 5. This is one pillow, one side is light gray in color the other side is dark grey in color. Great as a car pillow, truck pillow, airplane pillow, lower back pillow, nursing pillow, travel pillow, lower back pain pillow and much better than those travel inflatable pillows. The memory foam in the pillow can feel bumpy but when you lay your head on it, it feels nice and soft. This pillow can also have a slight smell when newly opened common with memory foam but this will fade with time.

  • SERIOUSLY COMPACT -- This pillow folds and compacts down small. You secure it with material flap and draw strings. "Works great and easy to use, feels bumpy to the touch but soft when you lay our head on it" You'll love how compact it is for on the go and travel, camping, etc.
  • SHREDDED MEMORY FOAM-- Pillow measures 17" x 10.5" x 5" This pillow is made with super soft shredded memory foam for awesome comfort. It is so comfortable and conforms to the shape of your head perfectly, It's a great Lumbar Pillow and eases lower back pain as well. "I've used this as a regular pillow at home and it is really comfortable and gives you a good nights sleep, but you can also use it for travel, pretty cool little pillow"
  • ULTRA SOFT FLEECE -- The outside material used to make this pillow is an ultra soft fleece for added comfort. "It feels so soft on your skin"
  • CARABINER -- It's got a nice carabiner you can use to hook on to a back pack, or suitcase when you're traveling